Teen Tech Tuesday: Learn to Control LEDs
11/21/2017 @ 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

In this class, you will learn how to control LEDs to make a mini traffic light that cycles through Red, Yellow, and Green, and even how to "trip the light" to turn it Green! 

In creating this project, you will get a brief “Introduction to Arduino,” which combines programming and electronics. 

After this lesson: Students will have an idea of how they can use Arduino to create their own inventions and works of art! To get started and gain confidence, they will use basic programming syntax and control for the Arduino, and use the commands / functions like: digitalWrite (); delay (); and pinMode ();. Students will be able to use the library's equipment before deciding if they would like to invest in their own Arduinos. 

This class is for ages 12+, as part of "Teen Tech Tuesdays"

Time: This Meetup is from 7 PM-8 PM. 


Route 9 Library and Innovation Center
3022 New Castle Ave, New Castle, DE 19720

Classes offered through our partnership with the New Castle County Libraries are always FREE.

To register, you must call the Route 9 Library. There are only 10 Arduinos, so make sure you RSVP:  302-657-8020

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