Our First Annual Appeal
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Hello Community,

For the last two years, Barrel of Makers has fostered an art, tech, and DIY community throughout Delaware, and everything we've been able to accomplish has been thanks to supporters like you. Now we are asking for your help to do even more. Here is a look at what we have already been able to do together:

Through donations and contributions of time, expertise, and enthusiasm from this community, we created our very own "drawbots." These interactive robots were programed to respond to Atari and Playstation controllers to draw with markers. They were a big hit at the Brandywine Festival of the Arts and the annual New York City Maker Faire in 2013.

We were also able to use our robots at an event hosted by the Center for Disabilities Studies: ArtFest 2013.  There, we wee able to see our creations help those who have difficulty with traditional art methods make pieces they were proud to take home.

With the help donations from our members we were able to build our own Prusa i3 3D Printer. That printer is not just for us to have fun with, we are teaching classes on how to use it. We want Delawareans who are curious about 3D printing to have access to the knowledge they need to use one.

Not content only going to Maker Faire once, we set out to make something bigger for 2014. Through help from volunteers and many donations we were able to build a GIANT "lite brite." Our hours of work paid off when we won a Best in Class Ribbon at the Faire, where people from all over the world contributed to this collaborative exhibit.

We are currently working very closely with the Public Libraries of Delaware to teachthe basics of computer programming to children all over our state. We are teaching a series of three week classes in at least two libraries in each county. By doing this we are helping create a new generation of Delaware makers.  My favorite moment so far was when Charlotte, age 10 exclaimed, "This is so fun–and I'm not even playing the game yet, I'm making it!"

Through donations from members like you we have been able to grow and become a community. After two years, we are still not statisfied. We want to continue to grow and are hoping to move into our own space soon. Our goal is to raise a total of $5,000 between now and the beginning of the year in order to get us on track for our own space.  

No donation is too small:

$5.00 can buy materials to develop new hands-on classes.

$25.00 can buy materials for building our communal work table for the new space.

$50.00  can repair a drawbot so we can take it back to this year's ArtFest.

$100.00 can buy three more colors of plastic for our 3D printer.

$500.00 can buy parts to build our own laser cutter or CNC milling machine.

Best of all, when we reach our goal of $5,000, we will be able to afford two and a half months rent in our own community workshop.

We have finally received notice that we are now a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, so we will be happy to send you a receipt for your contribution. Help us reach our goal and we will continue teaching and collaborating with a new generation of makers, regardless of age.

Please follow this link to make your donation.

Thank you, and have a happy holiday season,

Jessica S. Taylor
President of the Board
& Director of Housing and Development
Barrel of Makers, Inc.


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