Maker Faire Brainstorm 1
Published by Jessi.BoM

Sunday we had our first brainstorming session for Maker Faire New York,  September 26 & 27, 2015!

Jerry, a newcomer to the group, suggested we build something that not only could be shown off at Maker Faire, but could also be brought back and displayed in the Wilmington Creative District, the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, the Riverwalk along the Wilmington Riverfront, or area schools.  This means designing something that can function on its own and can possibly hold up to the elements. No batteries or electric hookup. Truly a challenge.

Inspiration for making usually comes from the desire to solve a problem, and this is a great one. What could we build that can hold up to these requirements? After much discussion we decided to make an interactive sculpture. Something that can run on wind power or man-power in order to light up, make funny sounds, and more. Because there were several welders in attendance, we starting working through the logistics of building a windmill using a car alternator. We played with the possibility of the windmill powering LED lights in the base. These lights will make people curious. They will approach the sculpture and be able to interact with it. A hand crank on the side, when turned, could create any sound we want! At this point, our options for interactivity are unlimited. 

This is our starting point. We can take this idea and project anywhere, but we need your help. What does an interactive sculpture look like to you? What do you want to see it do? How do we make it transportable? Please share your thoughts on Facebook, and bring them to our next brainstorming meeting on!

Next Meeting:

Tuesday May 12th, 7:30-8:30
Woodlawn Library
2020 W. Ninth St.
Wilmington, DE 19805


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