If you've never heard of a makerspace, it's a shared workspace where people of different generations innovate, collaborate, and make stuff. Makerspaces serve their communities in a variety of ways. They are getting young people engaged with technology and art through hands-on experiences. They are providing a place for adults the re-invigorate their passions, in a way that makes them more innovative in their 9-5 lives. They are providing retirees with new hobbies and a chance to pass on their skills to younger generations. By gathering a diverse community, they are providing connection. To revive local economies, makerspaces provide access to tools to make prototypes of new inventions and artworks. Then members get to share and market the results of their efforts at public events. Makerspaces are working to make passion sustainable. We need one of these spaces in New Castle County.

If you're still unsure about being a part of this amazing movement, check out this video of James Carlson, sneaky legend: