Intro to Needle Felting

Make your own fuzzy little owl and learn a new craft.

Needle felting is a great stress-reliever.  You get to use a special needle to stab soft, fluffy wool into the shapes you want, and end up with this cute product. 

Summer in the Parks: Make Buttons and Stickers

Barrel of Makers is once again partnering with the city of Wilmington and going from park to park this summer making fun things with area children!

This year we will be helping the children make their own buttons and stickers.  We a ... more

Brian Givens Preschool Joke Machine

 “With each of my children, I’ve notice that at a certain age (maybe 3 or 4), they figure out the basic structure of a knock-knock joke, but don’t really understand how or why the joke works.  This means that you get a ... more