Open House: Meet and Make

We are a community of individuals with a diverse range of skills. We'll be demoing a bunch of these skills as part of this social open house. Confirmed so far:

• Beer brewing
• 3d printing

Python Wrestling!

Please download python 2.7 or 3.0 prior to the class:

This is the all you need introduction to Python.  Taught by Steve High, a vete...more

Maker Faire Brainstorm 1

Sunday we had our first brainstorming session for Maker Faire New York,  September 26 & 27, 2015!

Jerry, a newcomer to the group, suggested we build ... more

Arduino and Javascript

I made a discovery a couple of weeks ago, which made me even more excited about Arduino. That epiphany is Javascript. So it happens that there are projects and tutorials out in the wild of the Internet about how to set up an Arduino and a ... more